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Verify Your Contractor’s License

Verify Your Contractor’s License

Before you hire a contractor to make repairs or remodel your home, you should verify the status of your contractor’s license.

Follow these steps to verify your contractor’s license in Maricopa County, Arizona.

1) Go to

2) Enter the contractor’s six-digit ROC (Registrar of Contractors) license number.

3) Use the Advanced Search functions to search by City, Status, Type and more.

4) You can find the contractor’s ROC license number on his/her business card or website.

5) If you don’t have the contractor’s ROC license number, you can enter his/her name.

6) If searching by a person's name, you must enter the First Name, then Last Name (i.e.,: 'John Doe').

7) View the status of the contractor’s ROC license, then click on More Info.

8) You will see the expiration of the contractor’s ROC license.

9) Click on the contractor’s specialty.

10) Scroll down to view all of the contractor’s specialties.

11) Scroll down to view the complaints and other info.